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gastheer The word “hus” refers to the Frisian word “hûs” which means “huis” in Dutch, “house” in English and “Haus” in German.  Our house is located in Welgelegen,  a characteristic  and very green quarter  on the edge of the city centre of Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland*.

It is an excellent location because the historical atmosphere of the beautiful, spacious and quiet neighbourhood is still verywell preserved.  In addition to that, the two apartments  provide everything that is required to make a short stay in the city of Leeuwarden a memorable experience.

Each apartment consists of a comfortable room with a lot of facilities and privacy. The house  is early 20th century,  but the  interior design of the  apartments is modern*.  They each have a small balcony  and a separate bathroom. There is a TV and free Wifi and they  also contain a mini kitchen with all the necessary equipment.  In the morning bread and roles are delivered and those can be baked  in the small oven at any convenient time. The fridge is well stocked with butter, cheese, ham and a variety of jams.  A simple meal can be prepared on the electric stove.  There is also a microwave-oven, a watercooker and a coffeemachine.

There are numerous small shops and good restaurants within walking distance of the house and it takes no more than a 5-minute walk to find free parking spaces.

Leeuwarden offers a lot of culture, nature and water. The shops, museums, the city parks, but also the charactistic city canals offer a lot of opportunites for both a good and a bad weather scenario. In addition to that,  there is an abundance of truly fresh air.

The province of Friesland has its own culture and language. It is also known for its eleven, beautiful cities, its many traditions and  cultural heritage. The countryside is beautiful, offering magnificent views and,  if you are in need of a breath of fresh air, Friesland is the place to be because there is hardly any air pollution.

The countryside has many hidden treasures and it can be explored on foot, by bike, by car or by public transport. And the beauty of the many lakes, 24 in all, should not be missed either.

  • Friesland is a province located in the North of the Netherlands. It has its own anthem which states that Friesland is “it moaiste lân fan de ierde” (= the most beautiful place on earth).
  • Classical elements are the hall, the stairs, the panelled doors, the mantlepieces

The interior  consists of modern design furniture and  replicas of paintings by Benner, a well-known Frisian painter.